nodl cloud is nodl's network & infrastructure offering. For people that are familiar with the nodl hardware nodes, nodl cloud is a VPS (virtual private server) based version of the software running on the nodl boxes.

We believe in a future where everyone on the planet will be running a bitcoin and lightning node, whether they know it or not.

We operate under the premise that in the digital age, and as we move closer to a Bitcoin Standard, ownership of digital assets is paramount. In order to fulfill that promise, control over the infrastructure and networks necessary to fully leverage these assets is equally important.

nodl cloud is built for individuals, and businesses of all sizes who wish to get up and running with Bitcoin and the Lightning network hassle free.

What it is

nodl cloud is the easiest way for you to run a node. You sign up to the service and we handle the rest.

We manage:

You get:

Who is this for?

nodl cloud is the ideal way to start running a node for you if:



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